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Easy, Real Time Big Data analysis


Pulse RT Server

Collect, index and store your structured or unstructured data regardless of data type, source, or size. You can process any type of Social, Web and IT Data in real-time. Your data in the Cloud or on-premise, with PulseRT you choose where you would like to store your data. PulseRT Server, your real time engine for Big Data analysis.

Big data analysis

Pulse RT for Windows8

From your Windows 8 desktop, laptop or tablet analyse your Social, Web or IT data. Compare, merge, track real-time or historical data from a fast, fluid and touch-friendly interface. PulseRT for Windows 8 provides a clear picture of your data, in real time.


Big data analysis

Pulse RT for Windows Phone

PulseRT for Windows Phone provides instant access and notifications of your Social, Web and IT data. Combine, filter and correlate these data to immediately see targeted and vital metrics directly on your mobile. PulseRT for Windows Phone, your key data, in real time, wherever you are.

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About us

SmartAzure is developing the PulseRT platform, a Big Data analytics solution that let users easily access any type of data in real time from a Windows Phone or Windows 8 devices. SmartAzure aims is to offer real time Big Data analytic tools for small to medium organization.

The platform can run both on-premise and in a public or private cloud. PulseRT will be available in 2014.

SmartAzure is based in Toulouse, France.


Big data analysis